Marble Floor Restoration

Marble Floor Restoration

Marble Masters of California is very familiar with marble flooring.   Where marble is a beautiful stone, and offers many advantages, there are a few disadvantages as well.  As a soft natural stone, it is susceptible to absorbing some debris and moisture, as well as developing scuff marks, scratches and other minuscule surface damage that after some time, makes the marble look dingy, dull, and unsightly.    Where your routine cleaning is certainly an essential element to preserving the cleanliness, however, eventually, you need experts of Marble Masters of California providing marble floor restoration services.

Marble Floor Inspection

When the experienced, and qualified professionals of Marble Masters of California assess your marble floor, we can determine which steps are needed to rejuvenate the shine.  Heavy foot traffic, accidental spills, and drops, and other circumstances causes the need for repairing the marble flooring.    As a professional marble restoration company, Marble Masters of California can ensure your marble flooring in Ontario, CA and surrounding areas is restored.

We Make Marble Floors Shine

For marble flooring that looks dull and lifeless, Marble Masters of California administers proper treatments to ensure they look as elegant as the day they were installed.  When your marble floor in Ontario, CA has a scratch, stain, or a dull finish that you want to have restored, Marble Masters of California uses our specialized equipment and products to strip, grind, clean, and polish the life back into your marble floors.

Marble Floor Restoration & More in Greater Ontario, Inland Empire & Orange County, California

Call Marble Masters of California today when your marble flooring is in need of restoration.   Our experts will evaluate the state of your marble floor and take the necessary steps to ensure your marble flooring is restored to its original beauty and shine.

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