Granite & Marble Countertop Cleaning

Granite & Marble Countertop Cleaning

When you choose granite or marble countertops for your kitchen, you are sure to be happy with your decision. These natural stone surfaces add dimension and beauty to bathrooms and kitchens everywhere. Proper care of these surfaces will ensure they stand the tests of time and the stone experts at Marble Masters of California provide our customers with impeccable granite and marble countertop cleaning. Our highly trained staff has the resources needed to handle any granite and marble countertop cleaning.

DIY VS Professional Natural Stone Cleaning

If you were ever told to clean your marble or granite countertops with common household cleaners like dish soap or windex, you were misinformed. Windex might remove some of the grime on your countertops, but it will also take off the shine and polish of your natural stone countertops. When the experts at Marble Masters of California professionally clean your countertops, you know you are getting a pristine clean without the damaging effects of regular household cleaners.

Granite & Marble Countertops Maintenance Tips

To avoid any damage to your marble countertops, always have them sealed. They have a porous surface that can stain easily when you choose not to seal it. You should also avoid using any acidic cleaners on your natural stone countertops as you clean them daily. This will ensure they aren’t getting dulled during the cleaning process. Hiring Marble Masters of California to seal your natural stone surfaces will help keep them looking great between professional cleanings.

Granite & Marble Countertop Cleaning Services & More in Greater Ontario, Inland Empire & Orange County, California

Having your countertops professionally cleaned by the professionals at Marble Masters of California will extend the life of your natural stone countertops. Safeguard your investment and call us today! We can handle all your natural stone cleaning, polishing and sealing needs no matter if the surface is your floor, shower enclosure, backsplash or countertop!

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