Saltillo Floor Cleaning

Saltillo Floor Cleaning

Marble Masters of California is your number one professional in Greater Ontario, CA and surrounding areas for when your Saltillo floors are in need of professional cleaning. We ensure our qualified technicians have all the necessary training involved in treating Saltillo, from understanding its composition to the cleaning and overall care and maintenance it requires.   With Marble Masters of California, you can rest assured we use high-end products and equipment to ensure your Saltillo floors are well cleaned.

We Deep Clean Saltillo Floors

As stunning as Saltillo floors look, it is not surprise they are a popular choice used in flooring options throughout the Greater Ontario, CA area. However, Saltillo is very porous, which allows the liquid, dirt, and other manner of debris to soak in fairly easily. When it comes to your own care and maintenance, Saltillo flooring requires specific cleaning products to ensure a thorough clean. Though Saltillo floors are durable, they are still prone to cracking if they are recklessly vacuumed, or something heavy like furniture is dropped under the right circumstances.   With sealants, they resist the buildup, but after time, the sealants dissipates.   When the sealants wear thin, a deep cleaning is required before a new application of sealant is applied.

Saltillo Floor Cleaning & More in Greater Ontario, Inland Empire & Orange County, California

No matter if the sealants are active, or had faded, when you need a deep professional clean, you need the peace of mind it is done correctly. With our experience and expertise, Marble Masters of California will deliver, immaculately cleaned Saltillo floors.   Call us today to schedule your quality cleaning services.

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