Marble & Stone Cleaning & Polishing offers many quality natural stone services including:

Natural Stone Cleaning – This removes deeply embedded dirt and grime from your porous natural stone surfaces.

Natural Stone Honing – Honing removes scratches and other marks that have marred your natural stone finish. Honing also removes etching from acid or heavy alkaline damage.

Natural Stone Polishing – We use specially formulated polishing powders to polish your natural stone surfaces to restore them to their original polish and luster.

Natural Stone Sealing – Sealing protects both the natural stone and grout. We apply a protective seal to resist and repel water, dirt and oil from penetrating your natural stone in the future.

Stone Filling Holes / Repairs – We can fill in holes to repair your porous natural stone surfaces such as travertine and marble.

Foot traffic, scratches, stains, moisture, acid, alkaline as well as improper maintenance procedures can mar the beauty of your natural stone floors. While at home cleaning is important, professional cleaning and sealing maintenance is essential. Natural stone maintenance helps to retain its impressive beauty and save you money on replacement costs in the future. Prolong the life and beauty of your natural stone floors by calling Marble & Stone Cleaning & Polishing today!

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