Daily steps we are NOW taking:

✅ All our equipment is sanitized with a Hospital grade EPA Registered Multi-Purpose Disinfectant before entering any residence or business. The product is labeled as a Virucide and Bactericide.

✅ Our Technicians are required to sanitize their hands and wear shoe covers and gloves before entering your home or business. We will not be shaking any hands, and we will wash our hands thoroughly in accordance with the CDC recommendations before leaving your home or business.

✅ Our office and shop are being sanitized every evening.

✅ If an employee begins to feel ill in any way, they are advised to notify us and are asked not to come in for their shift until we feel the situation is safe and there is no risk to our clients and to the rest of our team.

✅ We are asking those who request an appointment for services to please let us know if they or someone in their household, business, etc, had suffered from any illness within the last few weeks.

✅ For 15 Years we have always made a sanitizer treatment an option for our clients in cleaning their carpets, rugs or upholstery. Effective immediately sanitizer will be applied to all jobs with no additional cost.

We strongly believe a Clean and Sanitary environment helps your immune system stay strong to FIGHT off sickness. All our employees and families appreciate your trust in us to deliver a clean environment for your home and business.

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